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The Mission of the Firearm Centre is to provide firearms training, professional instruction and examination of the Canadian Fiearms Safety Course and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course for firearm owners and users. Our highly knowledgeable and trained instructors have conducted testing since 1996 throughout Alberta and the United States and take pride in the high level of instruction they offer. Our home office is located in Calgary, Alberta but our instructors will travel throughout the Province if the numbers are sufficient.



2110 - 41 Ave NE, Bay 36
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 8Z7 

email: instructor@firearmcentre.ca



The Canadian Firearms Safety Course Exam(s)



Whether you take the full course or just challenge the tests, the following information applies.

The Non-Restricted Course and the Restricted Course each have a written and practical portion to the exam. You are required to obtain a minimum of 80% to pass each portion. In the practical exam, you will handle three different types of firearms in various situations. You must do your ACTS and PROVES each time you handle a firearm. If you point a firearm at any person during the practical exam, you will fail this portion and will not be able to proceed further until such time as you re-take the test.

If you wish to challenge the firearm exam(s), you can view the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Manual(s) and Video(s) on our site.





Class run from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm
Testing will be conducted afterwards

Office is OPEN on Course Days ONLY

Please view our calendar for upcoming courses or 
try a practice test to prepare for the Federal exam

Payment by Credit Card or E-Transfer is due upon booking your course.  This secures your spot for the day. 


$170 Non-Restricted Course
$240 Non-Restricted Course/Restricted Challenge  


$130 Restricted ONLY Course (4 hours)
$120 If You've Previously Taken the N.R. Course With Us

The Restricted Course is conducted on a separate day from all ther courses/challenges and will be listed on our calendar 



$80 for Non-Restricted OR Restricted 
$150 to Challenge Both Restricted/Non-Restricted

If you have been previously been prohibited from owning firearms, you are required to take the full course. 
Individuals under the age 
of 18 are not permitted to take the Restricted Course

  • Students must be 18 years of age or older to challenge the exam(s)
  • It is the student's responsibility to be versed on material prior to attending
  • 80% or higher must be achieved on both written/practical exam in order to pass
  • No instruction will be given during the testing
  • If you are unsure if you are prepared to challenge the exams, then you likely should take the course
  • Challenges are conducted by appointment only



Prepare for your firearms
training exam today! 


Instant and Immediate Access! Do not wait 2-5 days to receive your study materials.  Your exam will be available right after the payment is made.






Gift Certificate


Need gift ideas for birthdays, graduation or other special occasion - Why not a Gift Certificate for a Firearm Course!  Please contact our office for further information. 
You can have your certificate e-mailed to you or pick up at our location.


Photo I.D. Pictures


For your convenience we are now taking Photo ID pictures at our office.  If you are interested, please bring $10 cash as this process is a separate entity from the Firearm Centre.


Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us; therefore, we will not sell, rent or give your name or address to anyone.






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